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Fees are Calculated by Total Square Footage Under Roof (includes garage & carports).



Single Family Homes

Under 3000 Total sq.ft. Including Garage & Carports.
Over 3000  add .15 per sq. ft.
Over 5000  add .25 per sq. ft



Insurance Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection

$95 +up (if combined w/ full home inspection while on site)

Four Point Inspection 

$95 +up (if combined w/ full home inspection while on site)



Commercial Inspections - Please call 941-441-6606 for a quote.




Home over 20 years old
Home over 40 years old
Pool or Spa or Cage
Elevated Structure
Extra Building - small
Extra Building - large                     
Cancellation (if on site)



New Construction

Final Inspection  Before closing - Call for Quote



One Year Builders Warranty - Priced as above.



For your Sarasota or Manatee Commercial and Home Inspection – Call (941) 441-6606


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